The Greatest Pinterest Boards in All the Lands – Part 2


Pinterest Art

A prolific pinner, Jane Elliot is a staple in my Pinterest feed. Thanks to her Art board I discovered the work of Mr Finch.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Pinterest Cabinet  of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities had me at the “Insane Patients Masquerade Ball” pin. If this isn’t your brand of amusement, I can’t help you.

Garden Getaway

Pinterest Garden Getaway

Garden Getaway isn’t a Pinterest board, it’s cottage garden porn.

Interior Design

Pinterest Interior Design

My Interior Design board is the heart of Pinterest for me.


Pinterest Studios

The Studios Pinterest board tells me I’m not alone in my art supplies / other art-miscellany fetish, which is nice.

Arteest Envy

Pinterest Arteest Envy

Tracy MacLeod is another prolific pinner who’s Arteest Envy board is full of illustrative style art.

What are some of your favourite Pinterest boards?

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