Dandenong Ranges Open Studios: Come hang out with me in my studio!

You guys know I bought a house with my partner last year in the delightful forested hills of the Dandenong Ranges, right. I’ve been as busy as a bee creating art in my cosy log-fire warmed studio this year for my premiere open studio weekend with Dandenong Ranges Open Studios.

I highly recommend checking out the other 35 participating Hills artists.

Basically, for a single weekend this autumn you are invited to experience the world that unfolds within the working studios of 36 artists in the charming Dandenong Ranges.

Dandenong ranges open studios

Quick Preview?

Here’s a few enticing (hopefully) work in progress sneak peeks of acrylic paintings and mixed media art that will be available to view and purchase directly from my studio.

Work in progress katherine herriman

wip sketch

muted colors color palette

muted colors color scheme

work in progress acrylic painting

illustration art wip

work in progress acrylic painting

mixed media art work in progress


I will be launching my first ever series of prints on the Open Studios weekend!

Fine Art Print Nellie Windmill

In the meantime, you can download a guide here or start planning your art trail through the Hills!

Nellie Windmill is Now Taking Commissions!

Oftentimes as an artist I get a lot of people telling me how much they love my work and that they really want to buy a piece but they don’t or haven’t yet. Most times the price point is inaccessible for them. But I also believe it’s because I haven’t created their painting yet. They might love my cluster balloon paintings but wish I’d paint a REALLY BIG one. Or maybe they’d like a constellation piece in a particular colour scheme. Or a smaller more affordable $50 painting!

I’ve given this a lot of thought. For all these reasons and because I genuinely think it will be fun, I am now accepting commissions!

There will be three ways in which you can customise your Nellie Windmill painting:

1. Subject

With most artists, when you commission a painting you know what you’ll be getting. They have a consistent subject matter – landscape, portraiture, still-life etc. The challenge for me (and you) is that I tend to paint something different each time. For this reason, I’ve chosen 6 subjects that I’ve painted before and am happy to paint again and again… and again.

Think of them as suggestions rather than limitations. If you don’t find what you’re looking for amongst them by all means, let me know what you’ve got in mind!

Commission Promotion Image Cropped

Commission Promotion Image Balloons Cropped

Commission Promotion Image clouds cropped

Commission Promotion Image Constellation Cropped

Commission Promotion Image Creature Portrait Cropped

Commission Promotion Image Tree Swing Cropped

2. Colour

Commission Promotion Imag Colours

Commission Colour Swatches

Choosing the colours is the best bit, right? Although I think for some having an infinite rainbow of choice could be overwhelming so I’ve taken the liberty of making some suggestions. If you have your own colour scheme in mind however, I would be thrilled to hear about it.

3. Size

This is where you can let your hip pocket decide or finally make me paint something BIG.

Canvas Sizes and Pricing

  • 4×4″ = $50.00
  • 8×10″ = $175.00
  • 10×10″ = $200.00
  • 12×16″ = $350.00
  • 16×20″ = $500.00
  • 20×24″ = $695.00

Well, big for me anyway. If you’d like to commission a painting on beautifully heavy watercolour paper instead of canvas or with different dimensions, please contact me for a quote.

Commission Promo Blog

You can find the commission listings in the new “Commissions” section of my Etsy shop!

What’s On My Studio Table

Nellie Windmill Work in Progress Art copy

I’m sure it’s hard to tell from this sneaky pic, but all those squiggly lines are clouds. I’ve been wanting to paint clouds again since “Benighted & Befogged”. I absolutely cannot wait to mix the colours for this one. They’re going to be quite similar to my last batch of paintings with the purples and greys but instead of green I’ll be concocting a scrumptious mustard yellow.

Again, it’s probably hard to tell without seeing the full sketch clearly but the object in the centre is a maypole. Maypoles are cool.

New Art for the End of the Line Festival

hot air balloon acrylic painting original art nellie windmill

Float Fall, Katherine Herriman, 51x40cm / 20x16", Acrylic on Canvas

Float Fall Girl Detail

Float Fall Balloon Detail

Faux Botanical No 1

Faux Botanical Study No.1, Katherine Herriman, 25.4x25.4cm / 10x10", Acrylic on Canvas

Botanical acrylic painting original art nellie windmill

I had an obscenely good time painting the face, the bunting, and the faux flower in these paintings. You may have noticed I’ve optimistically titled the painting above, “Faux Botanical Study No.1″, in the hopes of painting many more.

I spent the afternoon in the higgledy-piggledy second-hand bookstore – Through the Looking Glass – in Belgrave today, setting up my little exhibition in the front window. If you missed last week’s podcast, I’ll be participating in the End of the Line Festival this Saturday, which is shaping up to be a stonker of a day. Stonker’s not a word but it felt right. If you’re a Melbournian check it out!

New Art & My Premiere Exhibition

Owl Nellie Windmill

Nap, Katherine Herriman, 25.4x25.4cm / 10x10", Acrylic on Canvas

Owl 2014 Balloons Detail

My Owl Barn_Nellie Windmill

Original Art_Constellation

Constellation, Katherine Herriman, 25.4x25.4cm / 10x10", Acrylic on Canvas

Original Art_Constellation Detail

Original Art Constellation Detail of Stars

End of the Line Festival

The paintings above are two of the pieces I’ll be exhibiting at the End of the Line Festival in Belgrave on Saturday 30th November! The festival organisers have hooked me up with an incredibly apt little nook of Belgrave – “Through the Looking Glass” – a higgledy-piggledy second-hand book store. I’m so thrilled with this arrangement because I went through a couple of other potential spaces which didn’t feel right at all and figuring out what to do about that was a whole big thing. That’s a whole ‘nother blog post though.

I’ll be posting the rest of the new work that I’ll be exhibiting on the blog next week. I’m really thrilled to be able to say that this body of work comprises my favourite pieces to date.

My Owl Barn 2014 Calendar

Amazingly, this is my third year doing the Owl Lover Calendar! If you’re new around here, the Owl Lover Calendar is a pretty cool concept — 40 artists contribute an owlish piece of art, which means people can customise their own calendar by picking and choosing their 12 favourite images, which they then print off. Also, it’s free.

So if you’re the type of person who’d love nothing more than to have an owl adorn their wall year round, go and snaffle yourself a calendar.