My aspiration is at the same time both simple and lofty: to create more opportunities for daydreamers to keep their heads in the clouds.

Harvested from an infatuation with colour and a yearning for the pleasantly strange to infuse daily life, each painting is subtle hued and playfully offbeat. An idea that made me smile, a fancy, snatched, then devotedly rendered on canvas. An ephemeral whimsy locked in amber.

From 2009 to 2013, I fulfilled a childhood dream and lived nomadically throughout Europe in a motorhome called “Nettle”. We – my partner and I – have since moved back to our home country of Australia and bought a 1920’s cottage, nestled in a temperate rainforest in the hills.

When I’m not painting and drawing, you can find me scribbling down slightly-too-dark-for-children notions for picture books, obsessively making plans for my dream cottage garden, or shamelessly indulging in TV marathons of my favourite geeky shows (Doctor Who, anyone? No? Buffy, BSG? I could keep going…)

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  1. julie

    I want to live in a motorhome traveling through Europe! I pulled my kids and took off for 5 months through Europe last year. I miss my vagabond ways….. Julie

  2. Croft Castrell

    Your artwork is beautiful. Your list of dreams brought me to your site. It is a definite challenge to come up with 100 but such a rewarding exercise. The bohemian life is so exciting and will always be with you. I lived in my van for a spell. It had its challenges but it carried with it a definite sense of freedom.

    1. Katherine

      Thanks Croft! I never did manage to come up with 100. In fact, I’m still not sold on the benefits of doing so. This pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter :) I’m a simple girl, I don’t need that much to make me happy.

  3. Dawn

    Thank you for sharing yourself and your art so boldly. I am inspired and full of joy and relief to find, like you have found, there are other women striving to make a life true to themselves-to create art and live and breathe it. Paint on…


    1. Katherine

      Oh gosh, I am always so incredibly relieved when other artists share when things aren’t going well for them for whatever reason. Which is of course, partly why I share myself. There’s always a part of me though that worries about the image I’m conveying when I’m not always 100% positive about my art-making process; so thank you for the comment, which I can now use as a rebuttal to that inner critic!


  4. rosa maria

    Hola Katerine… lindo su website, que lindo el paisaje de flores moradas, felicidades…esta lindo su arte.

    I´m from Guatemala city

    rosa maria interiano

    1. Katherine

      Hi Rosa, Google translate sort of mangled your comment but I got the gist of it enough to say ” thank you ” :)


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